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Livorno - Week 26 - Monday 25th June 2018

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1 Reigniting the… mid-1980s to mid-1990s

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Jacques Dugue
Sheffield, Monday 25th June 2018

Welcome back to our ‘Reigniting the...’ series that forms part of the celebration of IFRF at 70.  So far, we have travelled back in time with the help of our ‘guides’ Neil Fricker, Giovanni Coraggio, Jarek Hercog, Peter Roberts and Roman Weber from the mid-2010s to the early-1990s, reigniting memories and highlighting key published outputs from IFRF research on a wide range of industrial combustion topics. 

For our June time-travels, our guide is Jacques Dugué of oil and gas ‘supermajor’ TOTAL ., who has had a long and fruitful association with IFRF stretching back to the mid-1980s when he joined the Research Team in IJmuiden as an Investigator.  Despite leaving to join industrial gases company Air Liquide in 1996 (and, subsequently, TOTAL in 2004), Jacques has remained deeply involved in IFRF, providing sound governance, strategic and technical advice as Vice President (2008-2011), President (2011-2013) and since 2016 as member of IFRF Council as our co-opted specialist on combustion safety.

The era that Jacques will ‘reignite’ for us (the mid-1980s to mid-1990s) partly overlaps with the period that both Peter and Roman re-lived with us over the last two months, although the activities that Jacques focuses on are somewhat different – IFRF’s involvement in the then emerging field of laser diagnostics, the near-field aerodynamics of combustion in swirling flows, and techniques for fuel/air staging and recirculation within burners for greater NOx emissions control.



2 #IFRFAt70: A word from President Macron

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Lucy Straker
Sheffield, Monday 25th June 2018

Throughout 2018 we are celebrating the past 70 years of IFRF with our ‘Seventy Years of Success’, the IFRF 2018 Conference, the ‘Reigniting the…’ series and a number of other activities.

Back in 1948, the three founding countries of IFRF were the UK, the Netherlands and France. With this in mind, IFRF Vice President, Sébastien Caillat, reached out to the French Government for their thoughts. 



3 Dilemmas and decisions: how oil and gas firms are refocusing on the future

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Philip Sharman
Sheffield, Monday 25th June 2018

Published in March, Shell’s Sky scenario – with its vision of a net-zero carbon emissions world by 2070 – has grabbed plenty of global attention.  So is it a genuine game-changer, or at least symptomatic of how an energy system in transformation is reshaping thinking across the oil and gas industry?

A number of the sector’s big players have now redefined, reviewed or restated their positions and ambitions in the face of growing pressure to cut carbon, against the backdrop of ever-rising global energy demand.  Intriguingly, their approaches to tackling the same broad challenge span the full spectrum from ‘steady-as-she-goes’ to ‘radical rethink’.

So who’s right?  In an increasingly complex energy landscape, can we tell which companies are making the right calls?  Writing for Monday Night Mail, IFRF Director Philip Sharman considers the different paths that major oil and gas companies are pursuing – and the high stakes they’re playing for.  



4 Combustion Industry News

From the IFRF's correspondent in Australia
From the Sydney office
Contributed by Patrick Lavery
Australia, Saturday 23rd June 2018

Patrick Lavery pic.jpgCombustion Industry News brings together interesting and important stories about or affecting the combustion industry, and is collated for the IFRF every fortnight by Patrick Lavery. For each news story cited, a link is provided to the original publication. Where news relates to IFRF Member Organisations, the name of the organisation appears in green with a link to the associated profile page on the IFRF website. Subscription-free article links are given in blue, and subscription-required article links in red.

If you have a news item to share, please contact Patrick Lavery.

Top Story

- BP’s Statistical Review shows coal firing holding same share of world power generation in 2017 as in 1998

Business Trends

- Pope speaks at energy summit attended by oil and gas CEOs
- German energy ministry official sees baseload power as a “poison” for electricity transition
- 50Hertz chief executive can see German grid coping with a doubling of renewables
- China expands air quality drive to other regions, temporarily shutting down industry

Research, Development and Technology

- Clean Coal Centre report studies supply chain costs of biomass
- Conemaugh Generating Station using mobile demineralisation facilities to improve performance and save operating costs

Company and Project News

- Eskom strike forces power rationing, with threats of total shutdown
- EC gives competition go-ahead to Fortnum purchase of 46.65% of Uniper



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