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Livorno - Week 12 - Monday 20th March 2017

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1 Successful TOTeM 44 in Essen stimulates excellent discussion and networking

From the IFRF office
Contributed by Phil Sharman
Sheffield, Monday 20th March 2017

The latest IFRF ‘Topic-Orientated Technical Meeting’ (TOTeM) took place last week.  Organised jointly by the Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e. V. (GWI) and IFRF, and hosted by GWI at its facilities in Essen, Germany, TOTeM 44 was on the subject of ‘Gaseous fuels for industry and power generation: challenges and opportunities’.  The meeting covered the future of a broad range of gaseous fuels in three sessions addressing:  natural gas quality and its impact on large-scale gas-fired equipment; the use of hydrogen or hydrogen/natural gas mixtures (e.g. in ‘power-to-gas’ applications); and the utilisation of biogas or syngas in industrial furnaces or for power generation.

All agreed that the topic was very interesting and highly relevant to industrial and power generation combustion processes in the future.  The event allowed for a high degree of discussion around the presentations, and a great deal of networking (particularly over a very enjoyable ‘currywurst and beer’ dinner!).

A tour of GWI’s impressive semi-industrial scale gaseous fuel fired facilities included their 80kWth ‘Flame Cube’ (water-cooled boiler), a 300kWth direct/indirect fired furnace, the modular test rig (up to 1.2MWth on natural gas, up to 5m long, up to 1600degC wall temperature), a rotating bed regenerator (up to 1250degC air preheat temperature), and a mobile test laboratory.  The participants were also given a dramatic demonstration of a ruptured gas pipeline fire (3.5bar natural gas) and a fire of accumulated gas in a confined space:  both were very impressive to witness and left a slight smell of singed eyebrows hanging in the air!



2 Orbital Gas Systems: Sponsor of IFRF’s TOTeM 44

From the IFRF office
Contributed by Phil Sharman
Sheffield, Monday 20th March 2017

IFRF are indebted to Orbital Gas Systems for their generous sponsorship of TOTeM 44 last week.

We are very pleased to include an article in this week’s MNM about this innovative company and its range of products.



3 Combustion Industry News

From the IFRF's correspondent in Australia
From the Sydney office
Contributed by Patrick Lavery
Australia, Saturday 11th March 2017

Patrick Lavery pic.jpgCombustion Industry News brings together interesting and important stories about or affecting the combustion industry, and is collated for the IFRF every fortnight by Patrick Lavery. For each news story cited, a link is provided to the original publication. Where news relates to IFRF Member Organisations, the name of the organisation appears in green with a link to the associated profile page on the IFRF website. Subscription-free article links are given in blue, and subscription-required article links in red.

If you have a news item to share, please contact Patrick Lavery.

Top Stories

- Trump administration reportedly split on Paris Agreement, while new EPA chief does not agree human activity is primary cause of global warming
- Chatham House paper saying wood firing not carbon-neutral criticised by industry group

Business Trends

- Shell executive calls for carbon to be priced worldwide
- Australian government considering financing CCS development through ‘green energy bank’
- Chinese government to cut steel and coal-fired power generation capacity to “make the skies blue again”
- Think tank says India may build its last coal-fired power plant in 2025

Company and Project News

- GE close to $1 billion deal to supply gas turbines and associated equipment



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