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Livorno - Week 20 - Monday 14th May 2018

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1 Reigniting the 1990s

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Roman Weber
Sheffield, Monday 14th May 2018

As part of our commemmoration of IFRF at 70, and following on from contributions to our ‘Reigniting the...’ series in January, February, March and April from Neil Fricker, Giovanni Coraggio, Jarek Hercog and Peter Roberts respectively, we have now travelled backwards in time in discreet steps from the 2010s to the mid-1990s, and geographically from Livorno in Italy to IJmuiden in the Netherlands. 

This month, our ‘guide’ is IFRF stalwart, Professor Roman Weber.  Roman joined the IFRF Research Team in IJmuiden in 1985, working there in different capacities as an Investigator, Senior Scientist and Scientific Manager.  In 1995, he was appointed to the Research Station’s Directorate as Technical Manager, leaving in 2001 to become a professor at the Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Fuel Technology at TU Clausthal in Germany.  The time period that Roman will ‘reignite’ for us (the 1990s) partly overlaps with the period that Peter re-lived with us last month, i.e. the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, but Roman’s focus is different – some parallel research threads around the world that wove together through a chance encounter, and led to what Roman describes as a “brilliant cooperation”...!



2 Energy-from-Waste technologies Biological Treatment: Anaerobic Digestion

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Philip Sharman
Sheffield, Monday 14th May 2018

Over the last four months, we have shared a number of Monday Night Mail pieces on the subject of ‘energy-from-waste’ (EfW) which we thought might be of interest to IFRF members.  In the first of these (5th February – ‘Waste-to-Energy – a significant growth area in the energy mix’, we discussed a report from US consultants Grand View Research (GVR), published in November, examining the size of this market and growth trends out to the middle of the next decade.  On 5th March, we started to unpack the EfW topic from a technology and ‘R&D needs’ angle, looking at the main ‘thermal treatment’ process used in current EfW plants, namely incineration (view the article here).  Last month (MNM of 2nd April, found here), we examined so-called ‘advanced thermal treatment’ (ATT) processes based on pyrolysis and gasification technologies.  Now, in the fourth in this series, we take a look at the final process route option – ‘biological treatment’ – which includes aerobic processes as well as anaerobic digestion (AD).  As IFRF members are likely to be less interested in aerobic processes (i.e. composting) – keen gardeners excepted – we will focus on AD processes that yield combustible gases (i.e. ‘biogas’ and ‘biomethane’)! 



3 RJM - Back in the USA!

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Lucy Straker
Sheffield, Monday 14th May 2018

IFRF member - RJM International, the award-winning provider of innovative combustion solutions and equipment to the power generation and petrochemical sectors worldwide, has announced a renewed presence in the USA, after an absence of 14 years.



4 Combustion Industry News

From the IFRF's correspondent in Australia
From the Sydney office
Contributed by Patrick Lavery
Australia, Friday 11th May 2018

Patrick Lavery pic.jpgCombustion Industry News brings together interesting and important stories about or affecting the combustion industry, and is collated for the IFRF every fortnight by Patrick Lavery. For each news story cited, a link is provided to the original publication. Where news relates to IFRF Member Organisations, the name of the organisation appears in green with a link to the associated profile page on the IFRF website. Subscription-free article links are given in blue, and subscription-required article links in red.

If you have a news item to share, please contact Patrick Lavery.

Top Story

- European Commission revision to ETS expected to incentivise low-carbon technologies

Business Trends

- Allianz to pull insurance from existing coal projects as coal firing share of energy sector in Germany falls
- New lobbying group created to promote CCSU in the US

Research, Development and Technology

- CCS for bioethanol production may be profitable, spurring development of the technology
- Finalists announced for Carbon XPRIZE
- Hydrogen from wind power may become cheaper than natural gas by 2040


- Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere above 410 ppm for a month
- Dissenting view claims ‘co-benefit’ projects should be prioritised over international agreements in efforts to mitigate climate change


- Eight power plant workers kidnapped in Afghanistan

Project and Company News

- Eskom chief executive confident of no scheduled blackouts this year despite rumours of coal shortages



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