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Livorno - Week 05 - Monday 26th January 2015

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1 MC18 Call for Abstracts deadline

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Izabela Reszewicz
Livorno, Monday 26th January 2015

Please note that the deadline for submitting abstracts for podium presentation, poster and exhibition sessions at the 18th IFRF Members' Conference is 31 January 2015.  Abstract template is available on a conference website. Proposals should be sent to Izabela Reszewicz at papers@mc18-ifrf.net.

No further details


2 TOTeM 40 "Gasification, a versatile technology converting biomass to produce synfuels, heat and power"

Brisk Open Workshop
From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Tomasz Klajny – IFRF Director
Livorno, Monday 26th January 2015

We are pleased to inform you that IFRF in cooperation with TU Delft is reorganising TOTeM 40 – the Brisk Open Workshop entitled: Gasification, a versatile technology converting biomass to produce synfuels, heat and power”. The meeting will take place TU Delft on Wednesday 22nd April 2015.



3 Nordic Flame Days 2015

From the SFRC and FFRC Offices
Contributed by Fredrik Norman,
Göteborg, Monday 26th January 2015

The Flame Days is the Nordic meeting point for everybody involved in combustion or combustion related processes. The conference is arranged by the Swedish and Finnish National Committees of International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF) and the Scandinavian-Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute (CINS).



4 IFRF welcomes new members

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Izabela Reszewicz
Livorno, Monday 26th January 2015

IFRF has two new members: Green Combustion Limited, taken mambership via BFRC and University of Leuven from Belgium, joining Associated Member Group.

In next MNMs we hope to bring readers more information about these organizations.  Fellow IFRF members may contact individual representatives via the IFRF Exchange.

No further details


5 Combustion Industry News

From the IFRF's correspondent in Australia
From the Sydney, Australia
Contributed by Patrick Lavery
Sydney, Monday 26th January 2015

Patrick Lavery pic.jpgCombustion Industry News brings together interesting and important stories about or affecting the combustion industry, and is collated for the IFRF every fortnight by Patrick Lavery. For each news story cited, a link is provided to the original publication. Where news relates to IFRF Member Organisations, the name of the organisation appears in green with a link to the associated profile page on the IFRF website. Subscription-free article links are given in blue, and subscription-required article links in red.

If you have a news item to share, please contact Patrick Lavery.

Top Stories

- Total aims to reduce costs by $40/barrel in response to low oil prices
- IRENA report shows increasing cost competitiveness of renewables

Business Trends

- Shale gas production creating surplus of ethane in US; exports predicted to come
- EC considering financial aid for efficient coal-fired plant exports

Company and Project News

- E.ON to sell Italian plants to EPH
- ExxonMobil set for licence to explore further PNG gasfield in return for supplying gas for domestic power generation
- Century-old Greenwich Power Station to be upgraded

And Finally…

- Maasai pastoralists making biogas from animal blood; set to expand operations



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